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All about donating! Empty All about donating!

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 27, 2009 12:44 am

Why we need to donate?:
You don't need to.. If you wanna donate go ahead.

How much we need to donate?:
If you pay with phone you need to pay in my country €1,30
If you pay with your bank you can choose any amount you want

Where goes the money what we donate?:
We use it to make this forum better

What do we get?:
You get the special donators badge
You may choose 5 rares ( ANY RARES YOU WANT! )
You will be in the special donator group on the forum

What if we donated but we didn't get the rares?:
If you donate we need to check the donation first
After that we will look if you are online
if you aren't online we just wait till you come online
If you are online we just come to you in your room and give you the rares you want

Ive been waiting long time for my rares what now?:
Just PM the staff

If you have any other questions about the donating just ask in the special Donation Questions topic

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